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3 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneurial Success

Gino Wickman, founder of EOS Worldwide, breaks down his system for success on the new episode of ‘Capability Amplifier.’

13, 2019

3 min read

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Do you know what the top three steps are to surviving and thriving as a
successful entrepreneur while remaining emotionally, psychologically strong and keeping your soul intact?

In the latest episode of Capability Amplifier, I interviewed one of the “kings of systems”, Gino Wickman, bestselling author of Traction and creator of EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System. EOS helps entrepreneurs grow and run a better business. In fact, they’ve grown to over 300 EOS implementers all over the world that are helping tens of thousands of companies.

An entrepreneur since the age of 21, Gino is obsessed with helping entrepreneurs live their ideal lives and maximize their freedom and impact on the world. At 25 he took over a family business, which was deeply in debt and after turning the company around in just three years, he and his partners successfully sold the business.

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Through that experience, Gino realized that he had a knack for helping entrepreneurs so he created EOS.

So what kind of brain does Gino have that enables him to see the struggle of the entrepreneur and create a solution? The kind that has ADHD, OCD, and a touch of dyslexia. Gino had an “aha moment” about a year into monthly meetings with a group of entrepreneurs, when he realized that “these guys are as messed up as I am!” That’s when he decided to devote his life to helping people just like him, maximize their potential. It took five years of hard work but EOS was born. 

His latest book, Entrepreneurial​ Leap is devoted to helping entrepreneurs-in-the-making, at ANY age, understand their genetic makeup and give them a huge jump-start, along with a clear, simple path to fully realize their potential. It’s also a resource for the people who care about them; parents, teachers, guardians, aunts, uncles and professors.

The book takes you on a three-part emotional, psychological, philosophical, soul-searching journey of discovery. The three parts are Confirm, Glimpse, and Path.

Part one: Confirm, unfortunately, most entrepreneurs-in-the-making confirm they aren’t cut out to be one.

Part two: Glimpse, an inside view of what life could look like and all of your options as an entrepreneur.

Part three: Path, the path that’s going to make the road a lot less bumpy, and help eliminate half of the typical mistakes nearly every entrepreneur makes.

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Entrepreneurial Leap shares  “the six essential traits” of an entrepreneur (visionary, passionate, problem solver, driven, risk taker and responsible) because, according to Gino, you either are or you are not – born with it – “entrepreneurship is nature, not nurture.” It may be a controversial statement but Gino says “there are people out there that believe you can teach someone these traits, but an entrepreneur is not something you do it is something you are.”

Are you ready to take your Entrepreneurial Leap and live your ideal life? Take the first step by listening to ”Gino Wickman is Obsessed With Helping Entrepreneurs Take Their Leap”.