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– Hi friends, welcome back to the vlog. In this video I want to talk about some changes that are coming with both the vlog and my company as a whole as well as what to expect going forward. (mellow music) If I did what I told myself I would do then you just watched a new intro for the vlog that is not branded as CalloftheVoid.TV. Call of the Void is not going anywhere.

In fact, we are really ramping up content production and things that we will be creating and rolling out over the coming months and this year. But, the vlog was always meant to be a bridge. It was meant to be a place where I could bring you behind the scenes of my business as a whole. My company is very multi-faceted as I am very multi passionate.


The vlog was meant to be a space where I could talk about everything that I was doing for anyone who might be interested in building the kind of business that I have, building a multi-faceted business around all of your different passions.

It was also meant to be a place for accountability for myself so that I could step into more visibility in my work and also to stay on track with all of the really big things that I want to accomplish with my business. Things got a little derailed, there was a bit of a detour when I decided in the middle of the year to move up to the canyon in the mountains of Colorado. I started a new relationship soon after that and was really just kind of wrapping up a year that was amazing and chaotic and full of a lot of growth and a lot of change and transition.


So, it didn’t go exactly how I planned last year, but there was so much good that came out of it. When I started 2018 I was really intending to grow my entire company, my media company and was focused on starting with the design business.

I joined a agency building Mastermind. I was really focused on bringing in more work and more projects and more team. And, about halfway through the year I fired almost everybody on my team and dialed back a lot of the clients and projects that we were taking on because I realized that ultimately I don’t want to build a design agency, I want to build a media company that has a boutique design firm as part of what we offer as a whole.


So, I spent the last month getting really clear on what exactly am I building as a media company, how do all the different brands and offerings and services that we provide fit in to this bigger picture. And, the vlog is now meant to be what it was originally meant to be which is documenting that process.

If you’re not interested in that sort of thing there will be a new podcast slash video series coming for Call of the Void soon so stay tuned for that.


But, if you are interested either in building a business or bringing your vision to life or doing the impossible in a short amount of time then this is the space where I will be sharing a lot of what it is that I’m doing and how it works. I am doing that for accountability. I’m doing that to step into more visibility for myself and my brand and also to push myself creatively. Stephenie Zamora Media is a digital media and production company.

It is a publishing house and it is a full service life purpose development branding and online marketing boutique.


We help catalyze individuals on their healing and growth journeys so that they can uncover the purpose of their path, step into who they are here to be, and do the work that they are here to do. Now, we do this through five distinct brand verticals that follow a proven five phase process and house a variety of digital media content, educational programs, inspirational and motivational products and services to support that growth, their journey, their growth on their journey at any scale.


You may have also notice that I have created a tagline for Stephenie Zamora Media and it is rooted in my own personal mission as well as my big declaration for the impossible future that I wanna create for myself and my work. And, I’ll talk more about that in the next video because I have been reading my favorite book, The Last Word on Power, again and it’s really about declaring what is the future that I wanna take a stand for as an individual and in the work that I am doing and everything that I am creating.

So, the tagline for Stephenie Zamora Media is “The future of life purpose development.” That is a big, bold claim but something that I intend to see my company and everything that we create live up to in the coming years.


Really treating myself as a media company means looking at all of the different things that we offer as brand verticals. So, these are different sections in which we fulfill our overall mission as a media company. And, over the last seven, eight, nine, I don’t even know, years that I have been doing this work I have seen the same five phase process come into play for all of my clients.

And, everything that I have created supports people in moving through that journey from different points.


So, I have always said that my work is really about helping people step into who they are here to be and the work they are here to do and we do that by supporting them in different ways at different points on the journey. Everything from healing and personal growth work to uncovering who you are and what your passion and purpose is to building a business or a career around that passion and purpose to getting your message out on a bigger level and stepping into more of a leadership role in your life and in the work that you do. So, all of my different companies, all of my different products, and programs, books, everything that I have created and will be creating really supports that. Additionally, I am so excited to be rolling out The Institute this year.

The Institute is going to be very different than anything I have ever created, but is an extension of the work that I have already been doing and already have been building.


It’s really focused on further developing testing and proving this methodology, this process, this five step process that I have been doing in all of my work for the last several many years and proving it and then pulling out the core pillars, the core framework of what that work is so that it can be applied to different client types in different industries. It’s much bigger; it’s very different. I will be rolling out phase one of it very soon. That’s really the intention of this first vlog back is to let you know exactly what I will be doing with this space in case you’re interested or not interested.

If there’s specific things that you would like to know let me know; I’d be happy to answer questions. The project board is going up on the wall soon so I’ll be able to track things again. I took my Post-It plan off the off and I’m ready to step into action mode. I have a pretty clear plan for how to grow each of the different brand verticals and that includes very specific team members doing very specific roles.

And, our first focus is really on growing Call of the Void to a much more profitable place.

Journey Mapping is in its second run and members are seeing a lot of really huge amazing transformations. So, what I have created for Journey Mapping is working and it’s working really well and I’m so loving seeing that. So, now that we know that it really works, that it’s really effective we are going to start marketing for it on a bigger level and rolling people in in an evergreen way meaning you can join at different times. There will be incentives to join sooner rather than later, of course, because I want people doing this work. This work is so powerful and can really transform who you are in the world and what you’re doing with your life and all of your relationships.

I’ll share more about the team breakdown and more about my plan and the core projects that we’re focused on to get started, to get things moving in the right direction, but leave any questions you have below. Feel free to shoot me a comment or a message.

And, I really look forward to sharing this journey with you. All right, catch you in another video soon. (mellow music).


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