How Serial Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk Built His Digital Empire

Do you want to learn how to manage your money in a much better way as you’re building your online business? What I realized over the last few years is that managing money is so much more important than just making money Because making money everybody can do it, But once you’re able to bring in a system of money management. Trust me, the way that you can multiply your money will happen so much more faster than ever So take your notes, note pads pens and papers and let’s get into the money management system, that’s really working for me. I never used to keep track of my accounts and I had different perceptions about money. I felt like money was not so important doing.

The work is more important. And because of having the sloppy attitude with money, it was reflecting in my bank account I used to have more months than there’s money in the bank account. I shout tough time making decisions towards the end of the month and it was a very, very tough situation And only once I started to change my money habits, my money management habits. Things started to change for me. Personally, Honestly, I’m not a very extravagant spender when it comes to money.

I’Ve always been frugal with money, but the point was: I never knew how to manage it in the right way. So I learned this principle, which I’m gon na share with you initially from T. Harv Eker T. Hartzler, where he talks about the four quadrants of personal finance.The Harv Eker six jar principle is a financial concept that discusses how you should allocate your money in order to achieve your long-term financial goals.

The principle is based on the idea that you should have some money set aside for long-term needs, such as retirement or kids’ college expenses, and then use the rest of your money to take care of your immediate needs, such as groceries or bills.When I say evolved, it is not evolved Pretty much, they do the same things, but it is a money management system. Okay. Now, whatever system works for you, it’s fine, But as long as you have a system to manage your money, that’s most important. Because systems work and people fail, If people are left on their own, they are bound to fail So the system.

What I’m going to reveal to you right now is what was given to me by my mentor, who does over a million dollars a month, and he is the one who gave me a formula called the “ T, W C G O” formula. And I have adapted this along with the Harv Eker principles and that’s how I’ve been managing my money for the last two years and I can see the money always compounding because of the right management. So let’s go to the first one. See I want you to understand that you need to be compliant from day one as a business. If you treat this like a business, it will treat you back like a business.

If you treat this like a hobby, it will treat you back like a hobby. So from the moment I started my online business, my venture of selling information products. I set up an entity. In fact, I got my GAC number even before I was making 20 lakhs in total revenues, because that’s where the GST kicks in – And I got all of this in place even before I got started because I wanted to be compliant from day. One So I found an auditor who helped me with this.

I got all the clarity and I made a system out of what the system is by the fifth of every month. I would pull out all my reports and send it to her all my statements. By the 10th of every month, the auditor would tell me exactly how much tax I need to pay for that month, GST and by the 20th it’ll all go in clockwork, And for me to manage this into a system. I needed to ensure that whatever money that I was making was divided in the right ratios And I’m gon na be giving you some nations right now. So the TWCGO formula, what I’m gon na reveal to you is this T stands for Tax.

You need to have a tax account And currently, what I’m doing is 40 % of whatever I make goes towards tax. That is includes GST and income taxes, income tax competent also. Now I’ve kept that buffer 40 % of whatever I make this goes into a separate bank account And that separate bank account is what I call is my tax account. I have different different bank accounts and five different bank accounts I have, And each of these bank accounts are for a particular purpose and I don’t mix that and do any transactions for anything else. So if you are starting off on this journey, maybe you can start up unit 25 or even 30 % in tax, because maybe your income tax bracket may not be so high.

So right now my income tax bracket is high, so I’ve moved 40 %, But if you’re starting off, maybe 30 % is good. So you have the GST component of 80 %. Plus you have the other income tax competent. If you show a lot of expenses and if you are really having business expenses on all the things that you’re doing as far as your tools, your hosting your domain and everything else, you’ll be taxed, Your income tax will kick in only after you pay. All of that So have a separate account for moving all your tax component, So have a current account for your main business.

Whatever comes to current account, you move that into another account. What about that 20 % to 30 %? You can check with your own auditor on what is the best way to do it and you move. That Second, is, I have a Wealth account So 10 % of whatever I make goes towards the wealth account 10 % of the top line. So in this wealth account, what do I use it for Right now, I’m using it for investing in gold.

I invest in liquid, So I also move money into liquid funds, anything which I’m not gon na touch at all. And which is also easily I can liquidate this later and whatever investments that I want to make. So multiple investment vehicles are there, But 10 % of whatever I’m making moves into this account, and I have a dedicated account on this and from there it goes into the subcategories of the different various investment vehicles And this principle of paying yourself first is there in All the successful principals success books that I’ve read Think and Grow Rich Richest Man in Babylon Stranger Secret. In the World Law of Success you just name all the biggest of the big influencers. Even Thou Shall Prosper.

There’S a book called Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi, Daniel Lapin, it’s a beautiful book. It’S a big book, long read, but in that book he goes deep into the principles of wealth creation, based on how the Jews in the past used to control a lot of the world’s wealth and how some of the richest people in the world were Jews and How they approach money, making with a spiritual angle, Wonderful book, So wealth account is very important And you can move most at 10 % of this The third account is, you need to have a charity account, And I love this account because for me, even before I pay myself first, I like to pay charity every month By the fifth of every month, all the charities already given So I made a list of all the charities that I believe in That I have at least some five to 10 different charities that I give on a regular basis, non-negotiable, on a monthly basis. The amount keeps varying from month to month, but it goes to these different charities. So I have a separate bank account only for charity. What about I’m swiping from the backroom is only for charity, whether it’s food relief, whether it is support education, temples and other things that I want to just go and give I just want to give gifts for people or anybody in the family who needs support and help or anything I just go and use that account, and only if money’s in there in that account, I will give it in the charity.

So that 10 % I give towards charity And you can decide whether you want to do 10 % after paying your taxes or you want to do 10 % on the top. That’S something that you can decide for yourself. So charity is the giving account and trust me if you’re, starting, including this as a monthly thing, you’ll start to see amazing results in your cashflow situation. Don’T ask me how it works, but this works. It works like magic.

Next is the third bank account you need to open up? Is your General account? This is for your household So I have a separate bank account, which is only for my household needs: rent provisions, groceries electricity, food. Anything to do with running the household will all come onto this and even basic outings and whatever play money. Everything comes under this, So under the T.

arv Eker principle he’s got a play: jar, a necessity, jar Now my play and necessity jar are combined into this, which is what I call a general account bank account. Play also includes like buying toys for the kids and shopping, something or my Netflix subscriptions, my Airtel subscriptions and anything to run. The household will all come under general. So have a separate bank account for this and practice on a monthly basis, And you know what, even though my income was growing, my general account my budget never increased, maybe marginally, but not. I really kept my general my household operations as it is And some of you may or may not know this – I still live in a rented house.

I still like to keep my costs very, very low, I’m not too attached to buying homes and stuff. Like that. I will at some point of time probably later on. I would be doing that, but I’m not so attached to like getting to a big loans and bank EMIs and just to show the world that I live in our own house and stuff like that. That whole paradigm is not there.

For me, cashflow is King And, if I can live in a nice place right in the center of town, even if it means paying a little higher rent, that’s perfectly cool So make decisions in such a way. Your general account is you’re able to keep it minimal. And if you look at India as a country, if anyone is making two Lakhs per month, I mean you can live in a great neighborhood, you can take care of all your basic home needs. What was required that’s more than enough, provided you do not have any overheads and EMIs and commitments and loans that you’ve taken. That’s a different thing altogether, but if you are loan free, if you’re debt free two Lakhs per month, you can live like a King even without owning a house.

I’M just telling you that This is my perspective. My perspective, You may have different perspective, I’m just giving you my view of this. So having a general account is important for this Then number five is Operational account. My operations account is purely dedicated for my business, So here everything my tools, my subscriptions, my advertising, what I’m running, whatever I’m paying my freelancers, my vendors, my suppliers, everything All the transactions go out of this one account only And we’re able to track everything in one Place And when I’m able to track everything in one place, it becomes so much more easier, even for my auditor to do all the calculations on a monthly basis, So operations account everything’s business expenses, Anything to do with the business expense. I only use this account, So this is the formula TWCGO.

What I would like you to do is start to plan this right from this month onwards. Get compliant from day one step number one: Two set up: your current account to get your entire thing into place, your business into place. Whatever comes from the current account, you can open other five other accounts. Now these five other accounts can either be like if you’re doing a proprietorship form and you’re gon na be connected to your own tax ID or your bank number. You can have other accounts from other different banks linked to the same thing.

But as long as you pull out the reports and have an auditor who can document all of that and file, your returns and stuff on a monthly basis, you set up a system and that that will really work best. Okay, so for me all my other five accounts, except the business account my current account. Four other accounts are all savings accounts So my tax account, my charity account my general account. My operations account is a current account and if you look at wealth account all that is a savings account And once it comes to the wealth account, then I move into other things. I move into liquid funds.

I move into gold silver, whatever investments that I wan na make, which I feel is right for me at this stage in my life. So what I would suggest that you do is start to get more disciplined with money. And I wan na share with you a story: The stories what I learned in Millionaire Mind Intensive is a story of a child, and this child was walking with his father and they walked towards inside a carnival and there’s an ice cream shop And the child asked the father “. I want ice cream. I want this ice cream” And the father takes the child to the ice cream and he gives the ice cream to this child.

It’S a single scoop, ice cream, And then the child is holding this ice cream and the father is walking with a child, They start walking on the side and suddenly what happens is plop? The ice cream falls down and the child starts to cry like “ Dad. I want another ice cream”, So the father’s like, okay, fine, let’s go back And as the child and the father is moving towards the shop. This kid sees a huge poster of a triple scoop, ice cream and the child is telling the dad “ Daddy daddy. I want the triple scoop ice cream”.

Now the question is: do you think the father is going to give the triple scoop to this child? No, absolutely no, How can a child handle a triple scoop ice cream if it cannot even handle one? The same applies to money. If you cannot handle the small quantities of money, there is no way that you are gon na, receive big quantities of money. It is all about discipline And that’s why managing your money is more important than making money If you’re able to handle whatever you have right now and break it into those different five segments and manage it in the best possible way, trust me, you will start to make more money And, if you’re not disciplined on the smaller things in your life, you can Never expect to receive bigger things in your life, There’s a huge lesson that I learned through a hard way.

If you ask me for many years, I was struggling because I was avoiding money. I was not disciplined and the minute I started to incorporate a system of money management. Things started to change, This is a system, that’s working for me and you can take whatever systems works for you, But as long as you have a system or you’re breaking it down into these five different elements or more elements, that’s what works in the T. arv Ekar principle. He has a play jar.

He has a education jar, So, for me, all the education also comes from my business itself. For me, business and education expenses are coming under that He also has something called long-term savings for spending LTSS account, which I combine, that in my wealth accounts, So in my wealth there is FFA and LTSS financial freedom account, and my LTSS is going with that, and I have a tax accountant, separate That’s how I’ve been managing my money and it’s working like a dream for me. So if you found this video useful, please share in the con box below on what are you going to start doing? Are you going to be making that commitment from this moment on to manage your money better? Let me know in the con box whether you’re watching this on YouTube and Facebook, and I would like to personally read your comments and I will respond to you I’ll.

Actually, like your comment and I’ll, give you a love sign below there if you’re watching this on YouTube. So keep watching from more of my videos If you wan na, learn more about how to build a business without any office or employees, knowledge business, please go and check out my formula. Sidz Co/Formula And you’re gon na be learning how over 7,000 people are implementing my model to build a super super successful knowledge business within 90 days, All the best and keep watching out for my future videos, Bye, bye. You wan na live your best life, which means you dream of being able to show up as your best self every single day, or at least as often as humanly possible. Since none of us are perfect, myself included, You know that your life feels better.

Your business performs better and you have more powerful, more positive impacts on everyone around you, when you’re able to show up as your best self every day of your life right. So let me ask you: How are you supposed to do that if you feel like you’re, constantly exhausted, overwhelmed and drowning in # AllTheThings, That’s no way to live, but it’s become the modern norm. Hasn’T it Particularly for Digital Entrepreneurs, you will learn to do all the things, because that’s what good bootstrapping entrepreneurs are told to do. Instagram posts, Facebook ads creating landing pages, building funnels all those things we learn to do that have typically very little to do with serving your clients or your customers. Now, there’s a point that you hit see if this sounds familiar to you, your business is making some money.

The revenue is coming in, Maybe you’re, profitable or almost profitable, but you’re slammed You’Re working 50, 60 80 hours a week, You’re “, making it work” as they say. You can feel that you’re flirting with burnout, You can feel it in your heart that clenching feeling, when you look at your to-do list and see all the things on it, You can feel it in your shoulders as they seem permanently hiked up around your ears with all the stress You feel it when your Stomach drops You’Re just trying to enjoy some relaxing time with your family and meanwhile your mind starts wandering back to all those things. You should be doing Sound familiar. What, if it didn’t have to feel that way, What if you could recapture the excitement, the joy, the enthusiasm you had when you first started your business? Do you remember imagining both the impact that you could have through helping others with your expertise and experience and gifts and the lifestyle that being a Digital Entrepreneur could bring?

You Work from anywhere with a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection, Spend more time with your kids, your loved ones, time traveling and exploring Spend less time in that deadly daily commute It’s time to get you back on the road to that vision, How It’S time to decide that you’re done being the Exhausted Entrepreneur, doing all the things and instead start showing up for your business and your life like a Visionary CEO. That means that it’s time to start prioritizing the projects that will give you an ROI a Return on Investment, not just in money but in time, It’s time to start setting up systems that simplify your work, that keep you focused that automate what’s easy and that prepare You to delegate to your awesome and growing team, Because I can tell you from experience growing a powerful impactful fulfilling business is not something that you wan na do entirely alone. So, if you’re ready to recommit to showing up as your best self every day so that you actually can live your best life, then that means that you’re ready to stop feeling like the Exhausted Entrepreneur and instead start taking your first steps towards becoming the Visionary. Ceo of your business and your life, Which means that, right now, you wan na hop on over to IWantMore and make sure that you’re getting access to our amazing video training series, The Road to Inspired Action.

That video series is how you’re gon na learn what it takes to stop feeling flooded by all the things and start instead showing up as your best self every single day. It’S your life Freedom-Lover Ready to get started on the next chapter. Tools, tools, tools, People want to know what tools I’m using. Why am I using those tools and what kind of tools are the best for building a knowledge, business? Well, I’ve tested over 300 plus tools and I’m gon na bring it down to the top 25, which I’m gon na be sharing in this video.

So if you stay till the end of this video, you’re gon na be getting the full list of tools as well as I’m gon na give you like some pointers and tips on why I have chosen those tools as compared to many others out there in the Marketplace: So grab your notepads pens and papers, I’m gon na be revealing to you the entire mind, map of tools And let’s get in [ Voiceover ], Give it up for Siddharth, Rajsekar, (, upbeat, music, ), Hey there Siddharth Rajsekar here, And I’ve tested more than 300 tools Over the years on various things, like email marketing tools, you know webinar tools, tracking tools, hosting tools. There are so many other systems that are there. Okay, Social media tools, promotional tools So see when it comes to building a business in the knowledge space you have to pick the best. That’S there. Okay, I’m gon na share with you three concepts before I even share with you the list of 25 tools, And once you understand the concepts, then you will realize why I have chosen those tools: okay, So, let’s get to the mind map So the first concept that I wanted to share with you, let’s zoom in, is choose the best.

When I say choose, the best is: don’t just pick a tool, you know, because it’s cheap okay And one of my mentors he says you know, don’t be cheap on your journey. To greatness You wan na be great, don’t be cheap, In other words, just because the tool is cheaper. Don’T pick that Pick what is the best pick, something that has great customer support, pick something that has been built for that purpose? Okay. Now.

The second thing is aim for mastery. It is not about the tool It is about how you use the tool. For example, Photoshop is a tool Anybody can download Photoshop, but how you design on Photoshop and how you aesthetically use the tool is: what’s gon na determine the results. I cannot guarantee you that, just because you have Photoshop you’re a great designer Okay, so you got to aim for mastery on mastering the tools which is very important. And number three: is I’m gon na share with you, the success ratio?

Everybody thinks or they want to know. What is the latest hack What is the latest tool And the tool is responsible for success? No 80 % of our success is in your internal game. How? What is between your between your ears, your brain, okay, 15 % of success is external communication.

How you are able to communicate? Only 5 % of your success is dependent on the tools Now, even what I’m gon na be sharing, which is the entire list of tools. I want to make it very clear that the tool is not going to help. You succeed. Okay, Tool is only one part of the game, But what’s gon na help, you succeed in this game?

Is you and your mindset Back to aesthetics, How you use that tool matters more than anything else And how you’re gon na aesthetically and creatively use that tool, And that will only come if you’re able to work on yourself. So, having said that, let’s get into the top 25 tools and please take notes. And I’m also gon na give you my links to the tools where you can test drive some of them, and many of them are my affiliate links. You can go and just create a free account and try it out. Okay, The first tool that I recommend, or which I cannot live without is ClickFunnels ClickFunnels, is what I use for my funnel building.

For me to actually generate leads for my website and generate leads for my webinars okay, And what I like about ClickFunnels is. It is built for conversions. I use countdown timers. I use exit pop ups. I use – and I have my entire 14-step funnel built over there, where I’m able to track the journey of my customer in each step.

Many people may think. Okay, there are other funnel builders on WordPress, there’s Thrive. Architect, there is Elementor. There are so many other things where you just need to install it once and use it. That’S fine!

Okay, Some people they wan na, go in that route. But the reason why I like ClickFunnels is because my entire funnel the landing page I mean the opt-in page, the thank you page, the indoctrination sequence, my sales pages and all my sales conversion tracking everything is in one funnel itself. Okay, So you’ll understand the power of ClickFunnels once you go deep into it. Okay, And if you want to test drive this, you can go to sidzco/clickfunnels. That’S my affiliate link.

And just set up a 14-day go and experience. A 14-day trial $ 97 per month is what I would recommend to start with. That’S the basic package. They have a 297 also which opens up FunnelFlix, And there are many other additional resources that you have Based on. Your budget, you can pick whatever you want.

Okay, Now. The second tool that I would highly recommend is ConvertKit for emails. Convertkit is what I’m using right now, And it is great for email marketing And for people who are just starting off. I recommend GetResponse And then, once you have a large email list like over 5000 people, I would recommend ConvertKit, because ConvertKit has some really good. Automation features, There’s an very simplistic user interface and you can also do a lot of tagging in there.

Okay, so even when new contacts are being added and tagged into multiple lists, it is not counted as a duplicate, It is only tagged separately and you can do a whole bunch of automation based on that. Okay, Now I have an advanced course called Automation. Mastery in my level three program where I go deep into how you can do an insane level of automation using ConvertKit Number three is GetResponse Now GetResponse is also an email marketing tool. And this is what I would recommend for those people who are starting off on this journey. It’S simple, easy to use.

They’Ve been around the block for a very long period of time, And what I like about GetResponse is the simplicity of its features. You don’t have to go for all the other features like you know. Getresponse also has webinar features, landing, page features, And some people ask me this question “ Sid. What can I just use GetResponse for everything, because it has a webinar system? It has got a landing page system, “ But again GetResponse, they have built the platform around email marketing and whenever I see tools where they want to do a one-stop shop, usually they don’t do a great job on the other features.

What they started off with usually ends up being the main you know, purpose of that particular tool. So if you ask me, you don’t have to go, for you know, don’t use GetResponse for the other features, Use it only for the email marketing feature and the autoresponder feature. Okay, The fourth tool that I cannot live without is Teachable. Teachable is my learning management system. There are many other tools like Thinkific and there is Podio.

There is many other tools and I recommend Teachable because they have the highest market, share great support and very easy and simple to use. Okay, Pretty much all other systems also have similar features, But what I like about Teachable is, it is solid, they’ve been around for a long time and they are funded and stuff and they’re sitting on some great servers on an Amazon server. So it’s pretty good. So you can go to if you wan na load your courses over there and set it up.

The fifth tool that I cannot live without is ClickMagick. Clickmagick is my tracking system. My link tracking system And many of you would have seen me use this tracking link like sidz Co/Formula sidz. o/ –, There are so many. If you look at this link sidz.

o/formula, which is my automated webinar, you can go and check it out later. It’S a tracking link, So I’m able to see exactly how many people are coming into my tool. I mean how many people are clicking on my links and I can also set up like a conversion tracking pixel after somebody has bought my products, So I will know from where I’m getting the customers, whether it’s coming through organic posts or paid posts. Facebook YouTube that I have different tracking links for different campaigns that I’m running: okay, organic and paid campaigns. The other tools that I cannot live without is okay.

If you want to test drive ClickMagick, you can go to All of these are my tracking links. Okay, Number six is Bluehost, So if you’re starting off, I would recommend Bluehost as a hosting. Of course, there are many hosting providers out there, There’s GoDaddy and there’s Namecheap and many others, but I would recommend Bluehost and I would recommend you go for the WordPress.

You know hosting, which is very fast, And I have a few websites sitting on that, and this is what I would recommend. Okay Number seven is WPX Hosting It’s the fastest and the best hosting. If you are ready to go to the next level like if you are already generating a lot of traffic, like between 200,300 hits per day on your website, You wan na up your game. My main siddhartharajsekar Com is sitting on WPX Hosting right now, And what I like about WPX is that they have like a whole migration system. So you just need to chat with the support team.

They’Re super responsive Just tell them that you wan na migrate from this host to the other host They will do it for free and it will be seamless okay, So you can use WPX Hosting. If you wan na up the game, It’s a little bit more expensive, but it’s worth it. Okay Number eight is Namecheap. It’S what I recommend for domains. Now you can use you in GoDaddy, but I have all my domains on Namecheap and I would recommend that Number nine is I have WebinarJam is a fantastic tool for running webinars.

I know for running live webinars. You can go to test drive For the last two months. I’Ve been doing. You know webinars on WebinarJam What I love about WebinarJam is: I can include conversion tracking codes when somebody buys my product live their name pops up right in the webinar.

I can preload a lot of stuff in the webinar like presentation, materials or videos, and things like that. Okay, The only downside about WebinarJam is there’s a 15 to 20 second lag, but it’s okay. You can deal with it. I run my webinars on both WebinarJam as well as Zoom, and it’s working pretty fine. Okay, The other tool that I would recommend for webinars is EverWebinar, which is a part of WebinarJam When I say part they’re from the same company, but you have to pick up a different subscription sidz.

o/everwebinar, This is what I use for automated webinars, okay. So automated webinars. I would trust me this is the best automated webinar tool that I’ve seen. In fact, if you go to that same link that I shared, which is sidz Co/Formula, this is sitting on EverWebinar And I’m hosting my video on Vimeo okay, So I take that Vimeo link put into EverWebinar and trans-automate automatically And I think most of the biggest marketers in the world. They prefer to use EverWebinar than any other tool out there when it comes to automated webinars.

Okay, The eleventh tool that I cannot do without is Zoom. Okay, Zoom is like a savior for many people in the world And again I use Zoom for webinars. I use Zoom for –. What I like about Zoom is the responsiveness. Okay For all.

My community calls. I run them on Zoom, Then there’s Demio I did a review recently on Demio Demio is fantastic for starters, like you can use Zoom and other things for regular webinars, But if you’re just starting off and if you want to run webinars like between 50 to 100, people webinars start with Demio, because it has Got all the really cool features? And it’s very cost effective. Also, it’s got some very cool features, marketing features which are great If you just go just search: Demio reviews, Siddharth Rajsekar on Google I have a detailed podcast and blog article on my website, which you can go and check it out on Demio The thirteenth tool that I would recommend is Google Drive. In fact, all my docs and reports are on Google Drive And I share that And I’m sure many of you are also using this Number 14 is Zapier.

This is like my integrations and automation tool which again I cannot live without this There’s. So much of background automation, that’s happening. I’Ve literally put my business into God Mode. When I say God Mode is everything is happening seamlessly. I don’t have so many human components in my business Zapier.

Is that one tool that is integrating a lot of things? Okay, So you can go and check out and test drive Zapier and see how it can actually help you Number 15 is Razorpay. This is my payment gateway system. If you’re based in India, it is a phenomenal payment gateway system, There’s also Instamojo for payments, And I also recommend you know Stripe now that has come into India.

You can use even Stripe for collecting payments. Okay, I’Ve not listed it on this, but pretty much. That’S a very good payment. Processor Whenever I’m in my webinars, I use Instamojo Razorpay both these links and it works very well. Okay, Number 17 is ScreenFlow, ScreenFlow is only for Mac, and I use this for video editing.

You can go to and all my video editing I do on ScreenFlow, okay, So if I have to like add background music, if I have to like you know, chop it up into multiple segments and create my own kind of video with transitions and stuff like that, then I would recommend ScreenFlow The other video editing tool, the video tool that I use what I’m using right now is: Ecamm Live okay, So Ecamm Live the good thing about it is that I can also record using Ecamm Live, And I can also link it to. I can also stream on Facebook on YouTube on multiple places through Ecamm Live The only thing about Ecamm Live is it’s only for Mac and it’s a great video streaming tool and video recording tool which I use. So many times I record my videos on Ecamm Live, I bring it into ScreenFlow. I do the editing over there And then I know postings on social media Number 19 is GarageBand Again.

This is only for Mac. This is for audio and music All my podcasts, I record on GarageBand and it works like a dream. It’S got all the plugins and the features to really you know, make the audio much better And that’s what I would recommend Number 20 is UseProof. Now, if you go to my website, you know you go to useproof Com, there is, in fact, if you go to the website,

Okay, you will see, there’s a proof, UseProof plugin, that pops up and shows how many people are registering for my webinar And it’s a beautiful tool. If you wan na increase your conversions and reduce your, you know your cost per acquisition of your customers. So it’s a great tool and it’s a social proof tool Number 21 is ManyChat. This is my chat bot And if you go to, this is my gift to you.

Okay, If you go to and type DTC Digital Tribe Challenge, Just type DTC over there, I’m gon na, come to you in the form of 21 days of videos where I’m gon na actually help you grow your influence using the power of you, know, videos using the power of content, marketing, okay, So ManyChat is my tool where I engage automatically with a lot of people And you can get your hands on that. Okay. 22. Is, I use Collectchat It’S my chat bot for my websites.

So if you go to, you can test drive this and if you go to my website, you’ll see, there’s a collect, chat thing that is there below And even for my own internal community right, Even somebody logs into the Teachable system, when they’re logged in as A customer I have like a support system where I’ve loaded more than 200 questions into Collectchat and Collectchat responds based on what questions people are asking automatically. Okay, So it’s a brilliant tool for automating chat bots on a website. Manychat is great for Facebook, Messenger, okay, The other tool I wan na share is Telegram. I use Telegram for messenger, you can go or if you can go to the sidz.

o/flash, come into my telegram group. You will be able to see that it’s my broadcast, which has you know over 7000 people right now, and many people get latest updates on my podcasts on my videos and everything else: okay, So Telegram is better than WhatsApp, for the main reason that I can have more than 256 people in the group. More than 246 people in a broadcast list. Whatsapp is more responsive. People are more comfortable with using WhatsApp, But once you train people to use Telegram, they will be more than happy using Telegram, and I’ve noticed that okay, The next tool I wan na mention is number 24, is MindNode.

Like I’m using MindNode And again, this is a tool I cannot live without. I use it for mind. Mapping You can go to mindnode. om Again, this is only available for Mac For Windows. You can find xFind, you can find my miro.

om And there are many other tools out there which you can use for Windows, but I’m an avid Mac user. And I would I mean MindNode is the most tactically responsive, mind, mapping, tool that I know on the planet as compared to everything else that I’ve tried. Okay And finally, number 25 is Mint. All of you, if you wan na, like get your personal finances in order, and you want to really get all your bank accounts integrated into one place. There’S an Intuit product go to mint.

om And you can set up a free account over there and just you know, set your budgets and plan your money management, okay. So besides this, these are like the top 25 tools that actually run my business And besides this, there are many other small tools that I’m discovering from time to time basis. And if you found this very useful, I want you to just type super useful in the comment box. Okay – And I want you to also type in the comment box, which is the one new tool that you want to experiment and test drive based on whatever I’ve shared with you right now. I want to know which tool are you interested in based on this 25 list?

Let me quickly go to the 25 list Pick any one of this and just type that in the comment box, Whether you wan na use ClickFunnels ConvertKit GetResponse, Teachable, ClickMagick, Bluehost, WPX, Namecheap, Webinarjam, Everwebinar, Zoom, Demio, Google Drive Zapier, Razorpay Instamojo ScreenFlow Ecamm, GarageBand, Useproof, ManyChat, Collectchat Telegram, Mindnode Mint and you have those links over there use my affiliate link. If you want to like test, drive it and see how it can help you, okay, So, thank you so much for watching this video to the end, I look forward to serving you more with high value high pact information like this. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel hit that bell button and to stay notified on all updates are gon na, be coming. Your way, If you’re watching this on Facebook, please tag a friend below or tag you know somebody a friend or a family member who, you know, can benefit from this information, Because you know what, if they get to see this, if they get to even implement one Of these tools, and that can help them you’re going to get positive digital karmic points for that. Okay, So go and do that.

Please share this and tag somebody on Facebook, if you know okay So with without any further ado, I’m gon na be signing off right now. Keep watching on for more of my videos and all the best Siddharth Rajsekar here, bye, bye, ( tranquil music, ) What are the pros and cons of being a digitalentrepreneur Yeah .. That’S..

a that’s, a good is the limit in terms of the money you canearn The main one is really around sort of havingfreedom right. , so you can live anywhere in theworld ..

It can also be really lonely. You know youI often work night time, long, hours. , everything’s, onyour shoulders. Let me think about other cons. .

.And also, of course, there’s no guaranteed salaryall the time. So that’s another challenge, thatcomes in I’m, an Italian contentcreator currently living in Bangkok, I work onlineprobably, just like you and the reason issimple I want to be financially. Independentand have a control over my life. I talk, withRicky he’s a very nice guy and sport events planner.

My name is Ricki Van Rensburg, I’m fromCape Town, South Africa and I’ve been a digitalentrepreneur for over a year now and with Ruben He is an expert of e-learning and onlineTrading and I asked them: . . Why did you guys startyour online business It’S an interesting questionI …

You know, Never worked in a digital space..through throughout my career, um and thenI. There was a problem I was trying to solve and itjust wasn’t possible to solve it on the same scale..

..You know not being digital.. yeah, so Ialways, first of all, I always wanted to have mymy own business like this is something Ialways wanted since, like I was a teenager and at some point in my life I took adecision to just focus on this .

. Entirely ..And then, of course, the COVID pandemichits, which kind of forced everybody and includingmyself online a lot more and that opened upthe door to become a digital entrepreneur and ..

Yeah, it’s been an interesting experience, anddefinitely one of the best things I’ve ever donePassion from entrepreneurship in general, andthen matching this with the digital worldand. That’S how I started. Let’S think about thisfor a second…

How many people do you know thatever really made it in this lifestyle? I’Ll take a guess: And I say not so many by the way: … What is your opinion about Feelfree to leave a comment?

It’S very important that! You share your opinion. What are the pros and cons of being a digital entrepreneur? What are thePros & Cons of being a digital entrepreneur? Let’S start with the Cons, first.

Yeah ..the cons of being a digital entrepreneur, arebig …

You know, of course, there’s no security, you kind of everything’s on your shoulders and sothere’s a big risk, that’s being taken. That’Spart of the excitement as well, but it’syou know definitely something that you wake upthinking about every day. …

Well, the disadvantagesare that you have to rely on your own.. Of course, you know from a anxiety and stress, perspectiveyou know worrying about things like money worryingabout, whether you’re making the right decisions; …

.., You know those all creep in a lot: …

.. Having a lot of freedom at the same timeit can be dangerous if you don’t know how tocontrol it …

but from me digital entrepreneur perspective. You know, another thing is kind ofhaving that support system and finding thatsupport system ..That you just don’t get youknow as a digital entrepreneur. You need to goand.

Seek that out. You need to go to networkingevents, you need to work in co-working spaces. You need to actually make that effort to go outand that can sometimes be tough and require alot of energy …

So.., probably the most difficultpart is that you have to …

You have to be reallydisciplined in creating your own schedule, yourown structure, because there’s no one telling youyou know what to do … and also of coursethere’s no guaranteed salary. All the timeso.

That’S another challenge that comes in.., Beinga, digital entrepreneur: it’s not a guarantee ofsuccess, it’s easy to fail. ..

, ..No one cares: aboutyour genius idea, t’s very common to work, latenight and weekends. If necessary. Unfortunatelymany entrepreneurs wants to give up .

. .Money isnot enough. That’S the fact and you feel poorevery day, poor ..

What are the Pros at this point? Look there’s a lot of pros that exist. The main oneis really around sort of having freedom right, sobeing able to kind of work anywhere at any timeso. That’S ..

! Definitely something that I enjoy Ilike, that kind of having that sort of freedom. …

so basically, if you have a laptop and you knowyou want to open it in a cafe and start workingobviously, you can do that… It’S not my typicalroutine..

I usually try to stick in one place: tohave kind of my… You know like a regular placewhere where to work, but if i have to go somewhere moving around and working Sure you can do that..

t’s incredibly rewarding once you once you startearning your first, your first dollars and gettingthem in the bank, and so I think, that’s uh yeahdefinitely. One of the reasons that I enjoy: beinga digital entrepreneur.. And you canearn as much as you want, if you’re good at itthe other thing is it’s really allowed me to meeta lot of new people. You know you’re sort of forcedyou’re working, very solo, working, very onyour own .

., and so it’s forced me to get outmeet new people.. ..

nd find other like-mindedentrepreneurs who can help educate me. You know wecan, learn from each other and i think that’s beenincredibly rewarding part of the process. …

Having an online business is an incredible opportunityand. Anyone can join is a promising adventurekeep in mind before achieving success. Youneed to have a winning mindset. Otherwisethings can really get complicatedespecially if you’re foreignLife in Thailand as a digital entrepreneur, ..

Ithink, it’s pretty great, it’s one of the countrywhere. You know most digital entrepreneur.. At least used to come before the pandemicyeah well ..

look life in Thailand is great in general if you’ve .., if you’ve ever spent any time here you’ll know, we’ve got some great weather: great food, nice people, …

Lifestyle generally speaking is cheaper than other parts of the world..and yeah …

I think all in all, it’s just …, it’s just nice to be in a in a happy sunny environment most of the time..

There is an excellent quote: from Gandhi that sticks in my mind and it perfectly applies for those aim to be a digital entrepreneur. First, people ignore you ..and. Then they laugh at you.

nd. Then they fight you .And then you WIN Basicallyyou should never give up. You got the message Being a digital entrepreneur. It’S not easy, as sounds like The truth is being a digital entrepreneurit’s, hard risky and it’s not for everyone.

… Got it

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