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How To Become Successful Faster

Better time management will get you the success results you want more efficiently.

15, 2019

3 min read

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Ever wish there were more hours in the day? You’re not alone. Many people feel like they simply don’t have enough time to achieve what they want. However, the solution could be as simple as better time management. 

Time management refers to creating a schedule that is organized to maximize productivity. Often, this is done by scheduling tasks within certain time zones, and organizing your tasks so that they complement each other. 

Time management is an extremely useful skill to develop, and it can give your career a serious boost. Here are some of the many ways you can use time management to your advantage: 

Streamline your work process

You’d be amazed at how many people don’t actually have a strong idea of how long specific tasks take. Often, this is because they’re constantly sidetracked by other things along the way. According to Udemy’s 2018 Workplace Distraction Report, 36% of Gen Z and millennial workers admit to checking their phone up to two hours per day while on the job! 

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When you effectively manage your time and assign specific amounts of uninterrupted time to tasks, you’ll get really good at figuring out how long it takes you to do things. This can help you plan your day and projects more effectively. It can also help you give your boss or clients a more realistic idea of how long a project might take. 

Minimize procrastination 

Ever noticed how motivating a deadline can be? When you start implementing time management, you are in effect creating mini-deadlines for tasks and accomplishments.

This can help create a sense of accountability that can help you quit procrastinating and get to work. Without a specific timeline, there’s no urgency, and you’re less likely to complete tasks quickly or efficiently. Time management allows you to work toward goals by creating smaller tasks that build up to bigger results over time! 

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Improve your focus 

Time management involves setting aside specific times to focus on specific tasks. Ideally, this involves uninterrupted time that you can devote to the task at hand. That means no social media, no texting, and no checking your email. Without distractions, you’ll be able to really focus on the task at hand –– and you’ll probably do a much better job! 

Better work-life balance 

One of the best parts about time management? You can schedule in pleasure activities, too. For instance, it might be scheduling in a break, or a workout class you really love, or even a dinner out with friends.

When you set aside time for pleasure as well as work, you’ll have a much better work-life balance and will probably be happier on the job as a result. Remember: time away from work can actually make you a better worker, so be sure to take time to do what you love! 

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Become successful quicker

Time management can help you minimize procrastination, cut down on your time spent on work tasks, and help you come across as more professional. 

By improving your focus and working more effectively, the quality of the work you do is most likely going to go up, too. Could time management help you
become successful sooner? Well, it’s certainly not going to hurt!