The Biggest Wealth Trap People Fall Into

How badly won’t work? Most people don’t, have it. They want a job, then what job securing they want? A paycheck. They want a 4-1 game. You & # 39. Ve got to be so much water. If you want to be poor, I hate to say this: you can go to school, but you still won’t, learn anything about money.

You know there’s. A lot of people who can’t make a thousand bucks and the reason they can’t make. A thousand bucks is because mentally emotionally, spiritually and physically, they’re, not capable of making a thousand bucks whatever.

The case is so Kim and I today are in the multi millions of dollars in making money, but we wouldn’t have gotten there, because one time we were having trouble at a thousand bucks. So, every time we had a problem, we had to get bigger than the problem for many people out there with a thousand dollar problem.

They’re, not going to solve the problem until they personally develop themselves mentally emotionally, spiritually physically to be bigger than a thousand dollar problem. There’s. Four types of mindsets, one mindset is, I must win.

Another mindset is, I must be right, another mindset is, I must be liked, and the other mindset is, I must be comfortable, so the people who must be alight and the people who must be comfortable, we’ll – probably never make it as entrepreneurs simply Because you know we hear it all the time rich, I just want to be comfortable.

You know how I do all my friends have a mic. Well, they should not be entrepreneurs, they should be employees. The rich don’t work for money. My way of teaching is to first put doubt in your brain to challenge your belief systems and then maybe you can choose new beliefs or keep up with all boys.

So when you think about working for money, what comes to your head? So if I could explain this to you for the for the rest of the Millennial lessons it’s really gonna be on this theme here, because financial education is about not working for money.

Like one of the first questions, when I finally realize what my rich dad was saying, I said well, when do I never need a paycheck again so my goal, wasn’t, you know, go to the moon or you know, cure cancer.

My job was when would I never need a paycheck again because, as long as you need a paycheck, be it from an employer or like my poor debt, he was so afraid of losing his government pension. My poor dad was a PhD in education, but what does school teach you about money? Did you learn anything about money at school? Most people don’t, so that’s.

Why I had my rich dad? It was my best friend’s, father and he was teaching me what the rich teach me. If you want to be poor. I hate to say this: he can go to school, but you still want more anything about money and education more important today.

But what do you learn about money? Most kids not going to school? They’re coming out of school deeply in debt with student loans, still not learning anything about money. Look at the middle class. You know they may have high paying jobs, but the jobs are are going away.

One of the most important things you have in your life is time it’s, one of your greatest assets or your liability and Bing, and I just turned 70 and I have friends who have nothing. I mean they have zero.

Now they made they & # 39. Ve made a lot of money, but they have nothing here. They have nice houses, nice cars, you know I mean and and being young is great, except it can be a liability to you, because when you’re young, you just having a lot of fun and life’s exciting.

You know it’s new, but the thing is: if so, many people spend their time focusing here. They want to make a lot of money and I can hear it in their words. I want a career. This is career. Okay or I’m gonna start, my own business – and this is the chart here, which we’ve, seen this is the cashflow quadrant book number two.

He is employee. S is small business, self-employed or a specialist. Like a doctor, a lawyer web web designer B is big business, 500 employees or more – and I is professional investor. The big mistake I see young people make as they focus here and the words are I want to do what I love that’s.

The tractor you see in real life, sometimes you have to do what you hate, like people, think I like to write books. I hate writing books, but it fills my purpose in life. It’s, not my passion, my purpose in life, because my purpose was to get here.

I had to learn what I didn’t want to learn. I had some time to do what I hate it. I had learned about taxes. I had to learn about debt. I had to take classes. I had to learn about insurance, so I was doing a lot of things I hated doing so.

I could come over here. These guys never do this because they what they live, that passion, what my passion, so the big mistake for young people is, I’m, going to do what I love, which is fine over here.

But what do you love the most? What I loved my freedom – and I know it sounds greedy, but I love making money. I’d, rather have a lot of money than no money. I’ve, been both. I’ve been broke. I’ve, been down everything, but I have a lot of money.

The big mistakes I see young people making is here. You know they think about what they want to do, what they love and what I’m, saying to you. The Millennials right now invest in what you love most young people, or I should I say, short-sighted people.

They think this is it or this is it, but this is the one here. The reason I make more money is because it’s, not what I’m. Doing what I love. I do sometimes what I hate, so I can have the assets that I love.

I love having a business, so the business affords me the lifestyle I want and then I invest in real estate. This is what I know the higher the risk, the more education it takes. How badly won’t learn most people don’t, have it, they want a job, they want job security, they want a paycheck, they want a 401k and that’s.

Why they don’t get to come here that’s? Why they, don’t, get to come over here, nothing right or wrong. You know I don’t ever want to be here. I knew – and I was your age I want to come here, but the higher the risk, the higher the returns, but also the higher dedication education and study at the gillip trip you & # 39.

Ve got to be so much smarter and most people they have it. They have that ability to be that smart, but they’d, rather do what they love, rather than invest in what they love. As you know, we learn little to nothing in school, but in fact you & # 39.

Ll find out that going to school actually diminishes your ability to get rich. You know so that goes counter to what everybody tells you go to school, get a job and you’ll make money, and that worked probably a thousand years ago, not working today.

The number one reason to be an entrepreneur is not about money. The number one reasons to be an entrepreneur is personal development. You know to develop yourself to be, as the army says to be all you can be.

So the lesson to young people is don’t. Take a job for the money. Take the job for what you’re learning. When you look at a job you look at what can I learn more than how much can I make, and I think that’s, the biggest challenge? I have you look for a job where you can learn a lot, the heart of the job, the better.

You know. I have bad luck. I’ve had financial crash, and so I’ve. Had people stab me in the back, but they’re all good, because I grow for that spiritual. Well, you know people who are afraid of making mistakes like they teach in school.

They don’t ever grow because spirituality is as good and there’s, bad right and as Rob is up and there’s. Doubt most people don’t want to be right. I only want to be positive. Well, you can’t happen that’s, not reality, and the average person the reason their pours haven’t failed.

You know they play it.’s all safe. They haven’t made any mistakes like they taught in school. That means they don’t, learn anything that’s, why the school systems actually fundamentally corrupt its anti education? You know I go into business like a rugby team.

You know we kick butt, but the average guy is standing there. Oh, I’m. An A student. I’m going to do this. All on myself. I kind of bunch of rugby players won you over. You go well. They’re, not playing fair yeah.

What you’re, not you’re playing stupid. You should have a team, you have accountants, attorneys and bankers and all that stuff, but that’s, not a game. I want to play, I said, then don’t play the game.

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