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The Greatest Advice I Ever Heard About Achieving Success

Do you have anything like? Is there something like that that we can do for ourselves? You know for someone watching if they find those elves Wow. I always seem to go into this funk, or I always seem to get myself into the state.

Is there way that we can break our own patterns? There is, I think the first step is the awareness that it is a pattern that it is not you it’s really hard to change yourself. It’s, easy to change pattern, but when you & # 39, ve lived a pattern.

So often we get the illusion that that’s me that I’m. You know a person that puts things off. You know I’m, a procrastinator or I’m. You know not aggressive or whatever it is, and we have all these aspects of our life, some of which are more developed than others, but they’re in there.

So I think, being aware of the pattern it’s limited step one and that step two is breaking it, but people can break their pattern easily. They just don’t, not only because they’re in it, but because most people have never decided to say I’m, not going to tolerate this in myself anymore.

So awareness is step. One step two is raising the standard and going this just isn’t me. This is not what I stand for. This is not good for my kids, this is not good for my husband or wife. This is not good for, though it’s, not good for me and then putting line in the sand.

That says this ends here now and then how to break your pattern. There’s, a million ways to break your pattern. I mean you know: all lasting change happens in an altered state, see most of us. Think of hypnosis, like people saying you can’t hypnotize me and they’re, usually in a trance when they & # 39.

Re telling me that I don’t advertise any of it. I D hypnotize them. We’ve, been hypnotized by our culture. To settle for this. We’ve, been hypnotized by our past to think of ourselves as being limited when we’re, not, and so what I really try to do is i alter people’s, stay cuz in an altered state.

We’ll, do it just knowing most of us know what doesn’t work and what works most of us know. We’re screwing that most of us know what we should do, but we don’t. Do it, and the reason is because, in that state of mind you’re, not going to I mean if you want, I’m, going to rant on what is my highest level mission right now? Yes, okay! So for decades my obsession has been.

You know what makes the difference in people right why it is some people you give them everything, love, joy, tremendous education, economic wealth, well-being and they end up going in and out of rehab all day long, how many actors actresses wealthy people? Have you seen do this? It’s sad and then there are people that life is just beat the hell out of right.

It’s, been people gone through physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional, spiritual abuse and many of those people, rather than being broken, becomes so hungry. So driven because they don’t want anybody else to experience that I’m, an example of that that they become masterful in things right, but along the way it’s like okay.

So what am I really about? I said I’m really. My real mission is help. People get what they really want and help them have. What I would call you know you might say I want to lose weight. I want to make more money.

You know I want have a better relationship, but what people really want is an extraordinary life, a magnificent life which, to me is life on your terms, not Tony’s terms. Not your friends terms, not yours, not even your spouse’s terms like what is going to light you up in this life and lets people know what that is.

You need to skills to get there. What I’ve taught for decades. The science of achievement – and you know – and you know me well enough – and I know you well enough – that we both have been obsessive about finding the strategies that can help people get the result they want faster than they ever have, and you’re.

Brilliant at it, I’m, really good at it, and we have a lot of friends that are really good at, but most people can figure that out. We can open to it faster and I and I think that’s, a great service, and I love being able to do that, and I love knowing answers that can help people so quickly.

But it’s, a science to achieve meaning. If you’re, if you look around – and you know I wrote a book – I think you know about a year ago – I spent four years on it and I want to answer the question. How do I help people financially in the world or most people are suffering, especially with the markets internal office, and I thought I don’t have those answers.

I have some answers. The people the best answers when you should go go if you want to achieve something, find somebody didn’t the result you want and model them success leaves clues. Go find out, write my original teachers.

Your name taught me that I never forgotten. So I went out and interviewed 50 of the smartest financial people in the world. You know everybody from Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn and I found the common patterns.

If you live by these patterns, you’ll have more than enough money. You may not be a billionaire, they are more than a funny. If you violate these rules, the science you’re gonna have too much month at the end of the money you’re gonna be stressed out same thing with your body.

We’re, all biochemically unique, but there are rules you and I both know scientifically that we violate them. Our energy drops if we align and we’re kind of disease, we align with them high energy, so that’s.

The science of achievement get there quicker. How do you do one obsess about what you want right focus on? It continuously have so much emotion about it that you take massive action, keep changing your approach model, somebody really great and then with some grace, take some grace to some call.

It luck and some call it God. If you do the first three steps that fourth step usually kicks you over, but the more important lesson and the one that I’m obsessed by getting to people’s minds. So I really appreciate me planting the seed with everybody, the one little change, your life more is the art of fulfillment and I say the art of evelopment, because what will turn you on excites? You fulfill.

You is going to be different than this man here, who I know is your friend behind the camera and this beautiful lady. Here it doesn’t matter. How close we are, or we all still are fulfilled by slightly different things, and so you know what I really want is.

I believe that success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure, and I really want people to be fulfilled even more so because billionaires that sounds ridiculous, but they’re, a dime, a dozen that’s, an exaggeration, meaning lots of you become billionaires.

What’s, hell of lot more rare or someone who loves life every single day and stays happy when it doesn’t go their way. There’s, nothing worse than an angry, rich man and angry ritual. You want to slap them, you know it’s like they have every benefit in life, but that’s.

What the human mind does the human brain is two million years old, and this is not designed to make you happy it’s designed to make you survive and survival. It does it by fear. So what the brain does is looks for what do I need a fight-or-flight from, and so it’s, always looking for what’s wrong and our minds can take us over unless your heart is what’s running you.

So what I try to do is show people has shift that Cheevers don’t think they have fear. Now. You know you know I’ve shared with you before I, like stress, is the achiever with fear. I’m. Never fearful I’m just stressed.

Well, if I follow your stress, it’ll. Take me to fear. So what I found is I suffered because suffering there’s. Only two states you can live in two types: beautiful states of being happiness would be one, but if you just try to be happy all the time it’s, not real, I just you know some people smile so much the face, hurts it’s a beautiful thing, but I’m nervous, a nice variety in our nervous system, so think of it.

This way beautiful states could be aw, it could be love, it could be passion, it could be a courageous moment. It could be being driven, it could be happy, but in those states no one has to tell you what to do, and you always treat yourself and others in the right way, and no one has to tell you to cuz in that state.

You just do the right thing in those states, the other states we can live in our suffering states and I’m. A good friend named Christian Angie. I was in India with him. We’re. Having discussions, you talk about peak States and you know lousy States, because I look at those as suffering and beautiful state sounds like so suffering would be.

Frustration, anger overwhelmed stress, worry, loneliness depressing. You there’s a there’s. A range of them – and I wouldn’t. I wasn’t depressed, but I’d, be first best off or frustrated overwhelmed at times, and I just that’s.

Part of life here’s. What I believe today, that’s, not part of life, that’s, the mind that if you don’t manage it, you can have everyone loving you, you can have those beautiful family. You can have twenty eight out of your words.

You can have all the money you could spend and you’re still going to be in pain. So my invitation that those viewers that are watching us and to you as a dear friend, is to raise the bar on what we call suffering.

So you see it for what it is and to realize that you can free yourself from it and it’s, not some ethereal spiritual thing from India to do that. It’s. Just I think life is too short to suffer [. Music ]

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