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The Most Motivating 6 Minutes of Your Life | David Goggins

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the experiences of individual people may be very different. However, according to the American Psychological Association, some common ways that people can be bullied are by being excluded from groups, being ridiculed, and being made to feel inferior. As a result of these experiences, some people may feel distressed, insecure, and even ashamed.

I called myself fat because I was fat and people don’t want to do that. They want to say I don’t call yourself fat, don’t call yourself dumb if you’re not real and wrong with who the you are nothing’s gonna change in this nice new world that we live in.

We want to hear you’re just a little big, no man, you might be fat. We surround ourselves around people that make us feel great. They tell us what we want to hear the second we put ourselves amongst the uncommon people. We don’t like that feeling that challenge them filled, that up of that person’s brick about 330 boys, hey push your off going for a run. You like that person who says hey, you know I mean I don’t feel good today, man and they say Oh it’s, okay, brother. We don’t want that. Mother. There’s like this. Hey man, no bro get you [, __ ] on man, stop being a punk [ Music.

It’s all about the pretty mind. So what’s the pudding mind, so let’s say it’s day one of a job interview. We all know, do it right, yet the clothes laid out you got food ready to go in the morning.

I believe that most human beings are only living at about 40 % of their capabilities. The mind has a government like a car if you’re driving a car and the car has a governor on it, the car may say hers at 30 miles an hour, but the governor set 491. The car wants to go, the car wants to go, but that factory said ah we’re not going to past 91. We have a factory, a nice governor in our brain and it’s a survival mechanism. It protects us from pain and suffering at all times of your life. The mind has attacked with banners of. Why is it? It knows? It’s your friend. It knows your insecurities, it knows your deep dark lies and it starts to push you away from that.

It pushes you in a direction that is comfortable the mind, controls everything you get to 40 %. Your brain says we’re done. Let’s roll man, this is trying to get painful. This is uncomfortable, so you sit down. You have to figure out ways and everybody’s different.That’s how the book kind of talks about like we all have these things about. You know five steps to this and four steps to this. It’s it’s a lot more than that. That’s all .It’s it’s a practice that you have to it’s a habit.

So if you know that 40 percent – I’m still you know, I’m feeling pain at 40 percent feeling pain, that’s where the forty percent rule kicks in now it starts okay, I’m feeling pain. My mind. Staying on the saying get out of here run flee the fight-or-flight kicks in okay, we’re gon na we’re, not good enough and starts telling you all these things. You start to believe it because the mind controls all. This is the time where you have to gain control back of your mind.

It’s there. Okay, let me see if I can go 45 and once you start giving yourself more and more hope, instead of realizing okay, the mind starts to be okay. What you do we’re supposed to be going right and you’re going left. You start then, controlling your mind, start finding more in your in yourself, and it goes from 40 percents a lot closer than you. That’s the start of it go get to the spot.

Where your mind is saying, stop wherever that is, got ta get there first and then that’s when that starts to work. You got ta control yourself in that moment. What that time of year again, we start to feel good, happy quiet because we’re not going to work. If you believe in Santa Claus – and you celebrate Christmas, do it before the Santa Claus coming to Virginia eating some friends, it’s a real good time of year, so in that good time of year, due to barter still sucks, was great to start making promises to ourselves About hey, I’m gon na lose some weight. How would you better to be better here to be better there, but guess what happens?

The real Merry Christmas happens with all that noise. It’s gone was quiet and is you against you and now at all and uh punish me by getting up early and getting after to go, lose weight, study, harder, guess what it’s locked farther now that repetition becomes a lot harder now and so lobbyists can’t do things On the road so find somebody in your life, so you throw that towel in they throw that one back at you and say: you’re not done yet how you gon na feel man. If you accomplish this goal, coming back, come in from them in hell, you came from a logical start from a good starting point at a good foundation. What, if you can surpass all of these everybody who was way up here, started up here and you had? You start with no legs, he had a goat legs, he would start walking and then crawling and then running, and then you start passing people at all.

This give it to him. This might be what the darkness is exactly. What I need is how you look at your situation:

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